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The music hall is rented and currently hosts numerous concerts and recitals, but the hall also plans to diversify its program in the coming seasons and record more chamber and vocal music. In the cathedral guide of 1940, the gallery is described as a "hidden orchestra" in which a large number of musical instruments such as violins, violas, cellos, pianos and trumpets are located.

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The famous architect was the Serlo Organ Hall, now known as Methuen Memorial Music Hall, which was the site of the first concert hall in the state.

Skinner bought the factory and hall during the Depression and built several remarkable organs there before it was destroyed in a fire in 1943. He held concerts in the halls, but the instruments were stored until the NEC was built as a suitable concert hall for them. Grover died before that could happen, so the organs had to be built another time. The Searles, who had inherited a railway fortune, completely restored the organ and built a private concert room designed by Henry Vaughan with a hurdy-gurdy vault in which she would live for the rest of her life.

The Methuen Memorial Music Hall is open to the public and remains a popular venue for weddings and other celebrations. The full church name of the cathedral is St. John the Evangelist Cathedral of the Episcopal Church in Method, Massachusetts. Our goal in our ministry is to reach Merrimack Valley, New England and the world with the message that God loves us and offers a perfect plan for abundant and eternal life.

Originally called Serlo Organ Hall, the Methuen Memorial Music Hall was built by Edward Francis Searles to house a very large pipe organ built for Boston Music Hall. Impressive in a hand-carved case made of American black walnut and polished tin, this organ has been the heart of Boston MusicHall since its opening in 1884. Irish Cottage is a traditional Irish setting that serves as a venue for a variety of events including weddings, christenings, funerals and other special events.

The instrument that morning sounded majestic, filled the room with sounds, but never overwhelmed it. Its inauguration attracted a crowd of unprecedented celebrities to the auditorium, where the audience watched a huge green curtain being lowered, slowly building up the volume of the organ to a roar before the grand unveiling. This first concert organ in the United States was installed in Boston Music Hall and its arrival was so spectacular that it could be heard from the balcony of the hall.

The organ is documented in an LP recording accompanying the choir and in the solo repertoire, which includes Perry in the piece and Ralph Kirkpatrick in further parts on the harpsichord. There is no recording of Callaway playing Part III on the cathedral organ, but readers are referred to a recording of Perry's performance of Part II at Boston Music Hall.

At first glance, it could be just one of the many churches that shape the New England landscape. Consider the Opus Dei organ in Boston's Reorganized Church, now called the Community of Christ. Although the huge organ was built in the mid-19th century as part of a larger church building project, it is the most important instrument built at the site, and perhaps the oldest organ in Massachusetts.

The organ was installed in the Music Hall, but expired just 20 years later and was sold for $5,000 to donate to the New England Conservatory of Music. Upham and other donors turned to a local organ dealer to find a new home for the organ, which is now in the hands of the Community of Christ.

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