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Salisbury Health Board has issued a statement on the mandatory withdrawal of Phase III. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established a COVID-19 alert system that residents can use to receive pandemic updates. Governor Baker today unveiled a new system for Massachusetts residents to sign up to receive warnings related to CO VID-19 as part of the Commonwealth's response to the recent methamphetamine outbreak.

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Please note that our insurance policy does not cover travel tests, although it is not medically necessary. If you need a medical check-up or other medical treatment for an illness or illness, we will provide it for you.

Methuen's health department is urging residents to continue to check the CDC's website for additional restricted travel areas. In addition, the CDC and Governor Charlie Baker have said that those returning to the US from a visit should stay home and monitor their health before returning to the United States. States that have been placed on the list of most important services are asked not to invite people to physical places and are encouraged to continue operating by remote means. For more information, click here or right-click on one of the following links to get a full list of state-by-state travel restrictions. For more information about the state's emergency plan, please click here and for more details about our travel policies, click here.

Fuel costs are calculated on the basis of car and truck MPG, but driving time and distance are only guidelines and indicators. They are influenced by factors such as weather, road conditions, traffic and other factors. To access the data, click here or right - click on the top right of the page or left on "Retrieve Data."

The last exit on I-93 is Exit 44 in Monroe, where travelers will find a rest area and welcome center on both sides of the freeway. It is located just before entering New Hampshire at the intersection of Route 95 and Interstate 93. Travelers heading north can deviate from I.93 in New England and change to 95 North to eventually reach Maine.

The southern terminus of I-93 is located off Interstate 393, which connects to US Route 1 North and provides a route through the coastal region. Interstate 93 meets I-495 in Worcester and provides access to Worcester from both the Central Artery and North Shore Expressway as well as the South Shore Expressway. Its northern terminibe at the former Y junction, where the painted inner belt of I.695 meets the central arteries of the expressways. Interstate-393 is a collaboration with the New Hampshire State Highway Administration's Interstate Highway System, the state's primary highway system.

Further north, I-93 crosses Lake Winnipesaukee and the tourist region and heads northwest to the New Hampshire-Rhode Island border, then turns left off the South Shore Expressway into the coastal region.

I-93 runs for a mile through Portsmouth and the coastal region served by the New Hampshire-Rhode Island border, the South Shore Expressway and several other routes. It passes through Canton and Randolph and then north to the town of Portsmouth, about two miles south of the border.

The highway that turns north is known as the Southeast Expressway, which passes through the city of Boston before crossing the Merrimack River. At Exit 7, locally known as "The Braintree Split," head north where I-93 collides with the major highway between Boston and Cape Cod on the John F. Fitzgerald Expressway (also known as the Central Artery). At the Massachusetts Avenue intersection, it officially becomes the "John F. Fitzgerald Expressway," which connects and crosses Massachusetts Avenue and then the Boston-Rhode Island border. The motorway crosses the towns of Boston and Neponset River at junction 6, just south of Cambridge, about two miles north of Portsmouth.

In downtown Boston, I-93 consists of the Zakim - Bunker Hill Bridge, which spans the Charles River. Drivers use the massive intersection to drive through the city, then cross the Charles River and head south to the Boston-Rhode Island border.

Massachusetts has a second bypass, I-495, which crosses the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border with I.95 before reuniting with it in the Northeast. These two highways, especially in New Hampshire, have three lanes in each direction and a two-lane - wide north-south lane in the south. In Boston, however, three lanes remain - except for northbound lanes in Boston - Bunker Hill Bridge and Boston Bridge.

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