City officials say 50 police officers could get laid off

Published 01-22-2019

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METHUEN, Mass. (AP) - A Massachusetts city is facing the prospect of laying off 50 police officers amid debates over pay raises for superior officers.

Methuen (mih-THOO'-uhn) Mayor James Jajuga (juh-JOO'-guh) will ask the City Council on Tuesday to restore the $1.8 million it cut from the police budget last summer. The Eagle Tribune reports the city will run out of money to pay the department in March if the council refuses.

In order to prevent the city from deficit spending - which is illegal in Massachusetts for anything other than snow removal - officials said dozens of patrolmen will need to be laid off to keep the books balanced.

The funding resolution requires a majority of six of the nine councilors, and two councilors are unable to vote due to conflicts of interest.

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